The SGtutoring

terms & conditions

For Tutors


All tutor applications will go through a thorough screening and verification by SGtutoring. Tutor applicant needs to be at least 18 years old and resides in Singapore/Singapore PR/Student Pass. 

Tutors must provide accurate and true information at all times. Any cheating attempts or forgery will be reported to the police. SGtutoring also reserves the right to decline any application.

By registering as SGtutoring’s tutor, you allow the agency to access and use the information and documents in the registration form. Personal information such as address and NRIC will be kept confidential and classified unless agreed by you or required by law.  



Tutors are required to upload a soft copy of their education certificates during registration. You need to present your NRIC or certificates for verification purposes if requested by SGtutoring or the client. 


Assignments, Commitment and Professionalism

Tuition assignments will be sent via SMS/telegram group to the tutors. Tutors who registered with us allow SGtutoring to send them tuition assignments at any time. To take up any of the assignments, tutors are required to contact SGtutoring through call or SMS with the relevant information needed. Tuition assignments will be assigned based on the client’s preference and SGtutoring reserves the right to reject any applications for any assignments. 

Once the assignment is confirmed, tutors are required to commit to the stated duration and period of tuition. SGtutoring will withdraw and blacklist tutors who fail to comply. Tutors are expected to conduct themselves professionally. The tuition assignment will be terminated for any unethical conduct or complaints from the client. 

Commission & Payment 

Once the tuition assignment is confirmed, both the client and tutor will receive an official invoice from SGtutoring via email. Commission and payment details of the assignments will be stated. The commission is deducted from 50% of the first month of tuition fees. The client is strictly required to make 50% payment of first-month tuition fees to SGtutoring. 

Payments after the commission period can be further discussed and come to an agreement when and how the payment is carried out between the client and tutor. Client has to inform SGtutoring directly if there are additional lessons conducted in the first month. The commission will be recalculated and an updated invoice will be sent. 

For more payment details and procedures, please check the Payment page or you can contact us for any inquiries. 


Unethical Acts

SGtutoring is committed to providing the best tutors to our clients. Hence, any unethical and unprofessional acts listed below by tutors are strictly prohibited.

  • Theft or damage of client’s property

  • Physical or verbal abuse to client

  • Falsification of qualifications and certificates 

  • Frequent unpunctuality

  • Sleeping or using mobile devices during tuition lessons

If found guilty of such acts, tutors will have to bear the following consequences:

  • Termination of service

  • Monetary liability for SGtutoring’s losses due to the tutor’s act

  • Filing of the police report

  • Lawsuit

  • Blacklisted from SGtutoring 

Tuition Venue

The default location will be at the client’s house unless agreed upon by the company, client, and tutor beforehand.


Assignment Cancellation

Tutors are prohibited to cancel or skip attendance on the day of the first lesson once the tuition assignment has been confirmed.

Should clients cancel the tuition assignment after the first lesson due to unfavorable reasons such as unsuitable assigned tutor, clients are still required to pay the full sum for the first lesson directly to SGtutoring. 50% of that tuition fee would be paid to the tutor. However, should the cancellation be due to any tutors’ unethical acts with supporting evidence, SGtutoring will retain the full amount and the tutor would not be paid at all.


Dispute and Final Judgement

SGtutoring reserves all rights to have the final say for payments from the tutors and the amount of money to pay tutors for all tuition arrangements.



SGtutoring reserves all rights to amend our Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice to any parties. Should there by any conflicts, SGtutoring may interfere to offer our professionalism and assistance. However, we will not act as arbitrator or mediator. SGtutoring would not be responsible to resolve any complications arising from the conflict.

For parents/students


SGtutoring commits to match highly qualified tutors but does not guarantee that the tutor will improve tutee’s results. In no case, SGtutoring will be responsible for any poor academic results from the students. Clients are liable to pay for all attended tuition lessons regardless of the satisfactory of the lessons. We can only guarantee to match clients with the most suitable tutors. If you are unsatisfied with the assigned tutor, contact SGtutoring and we will arrange a replacement or cancellation of the tutor. All lessons conducted must be paid.

As our tutor’s information and credentials are confidential and verified by SGtutoring, you can request the tutor to bring their certificates during the first lessons.


Rates & Schedule

Once we receive your tutor request form, we will advise and suggest tuition rates to you. 

The tuition schedule such as the date and time of the first tuition session will be fixed after confirmation. Renegotiation is allowed if both parties agree. Any changes made during the first month must be reported to SGtutoring. 


First Lesson

After accepting the assigned tutor, clients are advised not to change the schedule of the first lesson. If there is a need to change the schedule, clients should inform SGtutoring in advance so necessary arrangements can be made. We also advise clients to check the tutor’s NRIC and educational qualifications in the first lesson. Do note that the client and tutors are required to complete at least 1 lesson. If the client wishes to change tutors or cancel the assignment, do inform SGtutoring as soon as possible. However, any lessons that are conducted have to be paid accordingly to SGtutoring. 

We do not provide the tutor’s contact number until the first lesson. If there are any changes to first lesson, inform SGtutoring and arrangements will be made by the tuition coordinator. 


Payments & Commission

Tuition services provided to client are 100% free. 50% commission is deducted from the tutor’s first month of tuition fees.  Upon completion of the first month of tuition, the client will make direct payment to SGtutoring for that month’s tuition fees. There will be a reminder sent to the client regarding payment by SMS or email. 

Note for Tutors: Tutors are strictly not allowed to collect any forms of payment on behalf of SGtutoring for the first month. If the client makes payment to tutors directly and SGtutoring does not receive it from the tutor, the client will be responsible for the loss. We highly advise the client to make payment directly to us to avoid confusion and notify us upon transaction so that SGtutoring can verify the payment. Do keep evidence of transaction to ease payment verification.

Once the tuition assignment is confirmed, an official invoice with details regarding commission amount and payment procedures will be sent to the client via email. If there are any changes in the number of lessons during the first month, the client and tutor should inform SGtutoring immediately and a new invoice for the new commission will be sent out. 


Delayed Payments & Unethical Customers

SGtutoring will send out payment reminders to the client if payment is not made within 3 days after the first month of lessons. If the client still fails to make any payments to us after repeated reminders, the client will be subjected to the following:

– Filing of the police report

– Lawsuit

– Blacklisted by Singapore tuition agencies

SGtutoring will not be held responsible for any claims of injury, damage or loss during tuition assignments. We are just an agency that matches tutors and students, and we are not subjected to pay such loss. If the tutor is found to be involved in the loss or damage of the client’s property, the tutor will be held responsible and be charged to pay for the losses. 



SGtutoring reserves all rights to amend our Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice to any parties. Should there by any conflicts, SGtutoring may interfere to offer our professionalism and assistance. However, we will not act as arbitrator or mediator. SGtutoring would not be responsible to resolve any complications arising from the conflict.